"I've been really passionate about this project, even though it has been a hard one to realize. Basically, it was a project commanded by the One Show for the Young Ones Competition in New-York. We had to do this brief as part of our study with my creative partner, but the result was not as good as the way I was picturing it in my mind. Plus finding kids in a city where you are a foreigner is really difficult. The year over I went back to France and find a way to re-do my project with the help of a photographer, an amazing mother and kids. It is one of the best project I've done. I've learn so much on how to direct people and especially small kids, manage time and equipments. But more importantly to create this 'big idea' I had from scratch. The best moment was on the 3rd day of shooting when the mother told me 'I really start to feel uncomfortable watching my daughter playing with the iPhone'. At this moment I new my message was working."


Brief: In today’s world, technology seems to be in every person’s hands—literally. This includes children, sometimes very young children. Kids and technology—is it a good thing, or a bad thing? 

Insight: Adults are increasingly using technology to substitute real-life family moments. There are text messages to replace in-person discussions, computer games as a more convenient substitute to board and field games, and other everyday moments that can be diluted. Technology is a fantastic thing, but it is also creating a generation of kids who may not fully realize the difference between reality and the digital world.

Solution: Make It Real was born with the idea to raise awareness in adults regarding kids and technology. We wanted to amplify the current relationships between kids and technology by showing the situation from an extreme point of view. Technology cannot replace reality - MAKE IT REAL.




Special thank's to Max Teste - Photograph, Axelle and her lovely daughter Nielsa.