Welcome to the master's mind ! Following Serie 1 and Serie 2, the Serie 3 in London is an entertaining exhibition showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2015 womenswear collection of Louis Vuitton. 

Runaways have always been reserved to a group of selected people. Lous Vuitton is now offering to the audience a details and insights on the creative process behind the collection. More than a traditional exhibition, it allow us to discover a world we may not know.

This is not about having new customers or pushing people to buy something at the end. In fact, there is no shop where you can buy books or items from the exhibition. On the contrary, visitors received a Serie 3 poster and 2 branded stickers at the end of the show. Visitors are not paying for the exhibition, only a booking time is required. A Louis Vuitton's gift that visitors will never forget.

Every steps behind the creation of the collection are represented:

  • The architecture created for the show
  • The inspiration
  • The artisanal work with videos and two Louis Vuitton's craftsman creating bags right in front of visitor's eyes
  • A reconstruction of the fashion show
  • A white room focus on accessories
  • And finally an access to a wardrobe with all the final pieces of the collection

And to go even further, visitors are allowed to touch the clothes - so we could feel the fabrics and have a full experience. Usually it is forbidden to touch anything during an exhibition - even though visitors gets really tempted! Strategically, I found this opportunity amazing, giving an extra bonus to the show that was satisfying my curiosity. 

The Serie 3 is offering a new vision of Louis Vuitton - an experience based on transparency and in-depth content regarding creation of the A/W 2015 collection. An excellent exhibition, showing what makes Louis Vuitton a well-known luxury brand and including the visitor in it's journey. More than promoting a designer, we could discover the artisanal work behind the famous bags and boxes - personally handmade and designed, depending of the client's requests. 


Following Serie 1 and 2 this is a sum up video of the Louis Vuitton Serie 3 In London.