IESA School of Art and White Cube are offering a series of talks on the future of the art market. The panels bring together eminent figures from the art world such as academics, research analysts, journalists, critics and auction house experts. Following each session, there is an opportunity to ask questions and expand on the discussion. In short, great educative and networking events. 

The February 2016 discussion was focus on the role of the commercial gallery in today’s contemporary art world, as well as considering the digitalisation of the market and how it's transforming the industry.  


Anna Dempster, Head of Academic Programmes, Royal Academy of Arts (Chair).
Boris Pevzner, CEO, Collectrium (A Christie's Company). Offering digital collection management for worldwide collectors. Collectrium see the artworld through the eyes of the collectors. 
Digby Halsby, Director, Flint PR. A PR Agency for the artworld, offering audience development, creative strategy for campaigns and curating events. 
Ossian Ward, Head of Content, Lisson Gallery. Producing words to express what the gallery does. 


The contemporary art market is evolving and will keep evolving. Nowadays, there are more opportunities to experience art and to create art. We are discovering art through a screen and buying through Internet - a lot of money is coming thanks to digital sales. Museums and Commercial Art Galleries are learning from each other, sharing the same communication strategy: to educate, empower audiences, make art more accessible. The art market is seeing new audiences coming and collectors are becoming the mass market.  Driven by the technology, art collectors are more educated and sophisticated - they have more power than ever. As a results, galleries need to work harder to improve their offer.  

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