4 Cose is an authentic Italian groceries offering a fine selection of traditionnal italian products.

Charlotte Cullinan and Jeanine Richards, two british artists, working together under the name of ArtLab. They collaborate with Andrea Sassi to create 4 Cose, a DispariDispari projects. 

4 Cose is situated in the front of the artists studio and artworks are displayed in the shop. An artist space, asking the question what is supporting what, the art or the food? Packaging of their products are pieces of art themselves, sometimes old fashion, with vivid colours and nuances of yellow, pink and blue. 

Quality over quantity - a whole concept! Every month, they focus on 4 traditional Italian products, sourced by Andrea and coming straight from Italy. 4 Cose is a corner shop hardly ever open, from Thursday to Saturday only. They never advertise, it only comes from words of mouth or through the events they organise.


4 Cose is on Instagram, but their use of the platform is a virtual representation of the artists value. Two women posting mainly about women and their position in the society and as artists. They created the hashtag #feminine to use a softer word than feminist as they find it 'a quiet redondant word'. Their favourite emoji is a horse riding alone. 

4 Cose
7 Vyner St, London E2 9DG