Hard to believe but yet true, this project is totally created without the use of photoshop. Nowadays it is really rare to see a level of execution made for real, as photoshop allow us to create everything. The Mead Carney Gallery in London presented Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell. 

Kirsty Mitchell is a British artist and recently awarded photograph. Wonderland is a photography project created by Kirsty Mitchell to celebrate her mum after she passed away from a brain tumor. Wonderland is a direct wink to her mother passion and work : reading books and telling stories. We can easily see on the photos millions of books around the model. The series of photography is made through the 4 seasons which can represent life in the wonderland. Kirsty Mitchell started to recreate and portray all the stories she remind to share with her mother. This exhibition is the result of 5 years of hard work : everything has been calculated and minituously detailed. Indeed, nothing had been photoshop but litterality handmade and produced for real.

Enjoy this video to see the entire process behind the final photography:


I wanted to highlight how people can get inspired and in this case how do they use their past to create something beautiful and meaningful for everybody. This time Kirsty Mitchell is telling a story and she is transporting us in a magical fairy world.


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