While we were visited Copenhagen with Nico, we went to Louisana Museum of Modern Art to see the Kusama's exhibition. I have to admit that this museum is the best I ever visited. The place is just amazing, with a breathtaking view. We even had lunch in the museum, a typical Scandinavian buffet for a really good price! 

Nico is not a big fan of art exhibition and even thought I'm really interested in art, I sometimes found myself excluded or uncomfortable when visiting galleries or museums. But Yayoi Kusama is one of those artists that manages to draw enormous crowds around her art. Based in Tokyo, Kusama (b. 1929) has gained world fame in recent decades for her universe of brightly colored, sprawling patterns covering the surfaces of paintings and sculptures and spreading across entire rooms. In the center of this boundless visual universe stands Kusama herself, often wearing patterned clothes that make her blend in with her art.

Kusama's installations such as the Infinity room or the Infinity Mirror are the best way for visitors to engage with her work and visual universe. An opportunity to understand the principles and psychology beyond her art: the repetition, the loneliness.

In the 1960's it was difficult for Yayoi Kusama to be an asian artist woman in America. What a success, when in 2014, she's been elected as the most popular artist in the world. The presentation of Kusama's life's work at Louisiana was the first Scandinavian retrospective of her art. 

The exhibition was a presentation of Kusama’s works from more than six decades and featured a variety of the many artistic media in which she has worked: from visual art to performance, film, literature and design. A special feature of this exhibition was the involvement of Kusama’s work with fashion and design including the artist’s earliest, unique fashion design from the 1960s. In addition to this the exhibition displayed a selection of Kusama’s youth works from Japan, which has never been exhibited before, examples of both her earliest and newer installation works and a new series of paintings, which the 86 year old Kusama created specifically for the exhibition at Louisiana.