Lazarides Rathbone welcomes Parisian artist and TED Prize winner JR back to London with Crossing, an exhibition of all new work from the acclaimed series of Les Bosquets (2014–present) and Unframed Ellis Island (2014–present).

The showcase will feature a mix of colour prints as well as the artist's signature wood mounted monochromatic paper pieces. Visitors will be invited to experience the world of JR through the juxtaposition of these two unique series of all new work.

The Unframed Ellis Island project seeks to commemorate the stories of millions of immigrants who entered the United States via Ellis Island. Collecting source materials from the Ellis Island archives, JR created a series of installations that bring to life the chronicles of those coming from all over the world. In addition, we had the pleasure to watch the JR whole new short film called Ellis and featuring Robert de Niro. 


In 2014, JR was invited by the New York City Ballet to create a large-scale art installation in collaboration with the Company dancers for their 2014 Art Series. Following the success of these installations, JR launched Les Bosquets in collaboration with the New York City Ballet making his debut as a choreographer. Succeeding this NYC-based ballet series, JR produced a unique photographic series of the Opéra de Paris ballet dancers shot on the roof of the Paris Opera house. JR's new series of artworks featuring Les Bosquets draws from images of these interventions in New York and Paris.

Must see exhibition!

Lazarides Gallery
1 Rathbone Pl, London W1T 1HR