"This exhibition was like delivering a baby. People can't imagine what is possible to achieve in a real short time. Let's say - the baby is born and he is going really well."


Brief: Unit London, one of London's leading independent art gallery, launch the first Instagram curated art exhibition from the highly followed Paintguide account. 

Target: Art collectors, Art and Gallery lovers, Paintguide followers

Insight: People are looking for more experience and accessibility around art

Solution: As this exhibition was possible thanks to social media and digital, we decided to keep on linking the physical exhibition with the online one. As Unit London and Paintguide made their fame through the popular Instagram App, we've created a full experience around it. Through InstaFrame photobooth in the gallery, Name Tag replaced by QR codes sending visitors to the artist post of the artwork, a catalogue with all the Instagram posts and the dates of the artists take over of the Paintguide account... well everything to make visitors experience art gallery in a non-traditional way. Yes, Galleries are fun guys!